Northwest NEWS

December 27, 1999


Spirit of Christmas

   James and his mother were waiting at his bus stop. Jessie, their dog, got away from Mom, chasing him all around. As James arrived on the bus, his tears were racing down his face. "My dog! My dog!" he cried.

   Jessie got hit right in front of our bus full of kids. We all were taken by surprise. With Christmas coming, all the kids wanted to do something special for the family. The kids got together and sold some of their Game Boys and raised enough money for another dog.

   One of the 6th graders, Jason Miedtke, wrote a poem. It was so touching, the love the kids had to give of themselves was so wonderful, that it is truly the spirit of Christmas.

The Accident

Early one day a dog had died
and on that day a child cried
and as that car went speeding by
the angels sang a lullaby
it was very tragic indeed
when that car got up to speed
and the car was not paying attention
and had swerved into the wrong direction
and as that car hit that dog
a cloud went up that looked like fog
the child dared not go near it
for he knew that it was his spirit
and as it went up and up in the sky
the child said goodbye

J.R.M.G., December 1999

Jamie Moorehead