Northwest NEWS

December 27, 1999


To concerned voters in the Valley...

   As you know, Cedarcrest High School wants a stadium, and you, the voters, turned it down. I have talked to my parents about the idea of a place to call home for Cedarcrest High School students.

   The students express frustration on how they have to find a ride for practices at John MacDonald Park. If we were to have this stadium, the students would not have to find a ride to a different place for practice. They could stay at Cedarcrest for practice and for games. Most of all, it would be less of a hassle for all students and their parents.

   Every year, the school spends money on the field at Tolt Middle School. It takes a beating every year, and constantly has to be taken care of. Football uses that field for games and practices--so does soccer and other sports in the valley.

   If we were to get this stadium, overall, it would cost you less money. It will be used for many generations to come. Most of all, it would be a place for students at Cedarcrest High School to call home. Next time the bond comes up, I urge you to vote yes. Everyone will benefit.

Michelle Lease