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December 27, 1999

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Truck smashes into Woodinville business

by Marshall Haley, staff reporter

   WOODINVILLE--The parking brakes failed on an 80,000-ton semi truck delivering a full load of lumber in the 14200 block of NE 193rd in Woodinville, sending the truck rolling into a parked 1990 Oldsmobile and shoving it completely into the reception area of a Woodinville business on Monday, Dec. 20.

   Two children of a Vancouver, B.C. couple were inside the car, but escaped unharmed. The reception area of the business was completely demolished, but was closed that day, which probably saved the usual employees great bodily harm, or worse.

   A witness, 19-year-old Colin Clark of Sequim, saw the truck start to roll and unsuccessfully tried to jump in and stop it before it hit the car. The truck and car were extensively damaged, according to investigating Officer Christy Marsalisi of the Woodinville Police Department.

   The business owner estimated damage to his office at about $30,000. No arrests were made, and the truck driver was not cited.