Northwest NEWS

December 27, 1999

Local News

What NOT to do before Y2K?

by Marshall Haley, staff reporter

   After governmental agencies have spent most of the year warning people how to prepare for events that probably won't happen, the King County Emergency Operations Center (EOC) just sent out a list of what NOT to do before Y2K:

   Keep up your level of preparedness, because we can't predict when the next earthquake or other disaster will strike.

   "People in King County should feel confident that their government has made plans for every possible contingency," said Eric Holdeman, Manager for the King County Office of Emergency Management (OEM). "King County will have staff in the (EOC) ready to respond to any situation that might develop during the rollover period. Additionally, we have worked with our private utilities and corporate partners to share information and respond in a coordinated manner."

   One final tip from your local paper: New Zealand is in one of the first time zones that will enter the new millennium. Since you shouldn't use your phone ("not that anything BAD will happen if you do"), establishing short-wave radio or e-mail contact with someone down under might tip you on whether or not to get ready to panic later that day!