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December 27, 1999

Local News

Executive Sims signs Land Segregation Ordinance

   King County Executive Ron Sims signed King County's first comprehensive review and update of Title 19, dealing with policies and procedures for segregating large parcels of land.

   The ordinance is the latest significant piece of legislation required to fully implement the Growth Management Act and the 1994 King County Comprehensive Plan. Ordinance 13694 was passed by the County Council on December 13, 1999.

   The Land Segregation ordinance covers all land segregation activities in both the rural and urban portions of unicorporated King County. The legislation accomplishes three things:

   This will lead to a clearer and more consistent review process and the King County Department of Development and Environmental Services (DDES).

   "The Land Segregation Ordinance modernizes a section of the County Code which has not been comprehensively reviewed in over 40 years," said Executive Ron Sims. "This ordinance is critical to successful implementation of the County's Comprehensive Plan and my Comprehensive Rural Strategy." Sims states further," Requiring large segregations to go through the plat or short plat review process means that these lots will be created in a way that is mindful of environmental protection and integrity in infrastructure."

   For copies of the ordinance, please contact the Director's Office at the King County Department of Development and Environmental Services at (206) 296-6705. For additional information, contact the following DDES staff: Mark Carey, Land Use Services Division Manager, at (206) 296-7717; Sophia Byrd, Code Development Coordinator, at (206) 296-6612; or Paula Adams, Communications Director, at (206) 296-6682.