Northwest NEWS

December 27, 1999


Beanie Baby company rejects local students' bear idea submission

by Marshall Haley, staff reporter

   BOTHELL--Ty, Inc., maker of the popular Beanie Babies, has rejected product suggestions submitted by a Northshore fifth-grade class.

   The students of Mrs. Grace Dublin's fifth-grade class at Canyon Park Elementary designed a full-color Beanie Baby for each state and the District of Columbia.

   The students thought the project helped "bring to life" the political, economic, social, and geographic aspects of U.S. history in a manner both fun and relevant to 10-year-olds, according to Dr. Pamela Steele of the Northshore School District.

   Ty, Inc. rejected the design ideas saying, "While we found your students' work to be very impressive, unfortunately, Ty, Inc. does not accept submission ideas from outside sources."

   Designed after the original Beanie Babies, the students reportedly followed the same concept used by Ty, Inc. in creating their Beanie Babies, giving each appropriate names, dates of birth, allied poems, and designing the bears with symbols and concepts analogous of each of the states they represented.