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December 27, 1999

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Weather website at Stillwater

weather website

Stillwater Elementary third grade teacher Bill Dumond and students Billy Creek, 8, and Casciana Padilla, 9 (far left), check out the day's weather at the computer.
Staff photo by Lisa Allen.

by Valley View staff

   It's been two years in the making, but the "Weather Website" and its contemporary "Weather Wall" are finally up and running at Stillwater Elementary.

   Now, with a click of the mouse, Valley residents and students can check on current weather-related conditions such as flooding, or get the latest forecast. Stillwater students who want the latest information without having to go to a computer can check out the "Weather Wall" above the door of the Learning Resource Center.

   The concept of the weather site was first thought of back in 1998 by Bill Dumond, a third grade teacher and founder of the Stillwater Elementary Radio Club. The idea, he said, was to design a local weather website that could be used as a teaching tool and information resource for Stillwater students and the community at large.

   Students and community members are welcome to browse the website to learn about local weather conditions utilizing real-time graphing tools and real-time weather information. The weather station is made up of weather instruments that are attached to the roof of the school that feed real-time data to a Windows NT Web Server running "Weatherview 32" software.

   Dumond says the weather graphics and data on this site are quite extensive and the software and hardware generating them are very powerful. All the data for the weather categories are automatically updated every five minutes.

   "The computer at Stillwater 'talks' to another computer at the Renton Airport once an hour to get the latest information," he said.

   Dumond said the project was aided by Stillwater Principal Chris Everett, the PTSA, the Stillwater Radio Club, community patrons, and colleague Cathy Cushman. Paul Censullo, the District's Technology Director, helped to get the software up and running.

   Included in the weather information are wind, temperature for the last six hours, rainfall, and moon phase. A summary of current conditions gives weather stats, sunrise and sunsets, averages/records, current Seattle forecast 5-day planner, and Carnation-area river conditions.

   The website can be accessed at, and then clicking on the category "Weather Station."