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January 3, 2000

Local News

Grace for license tabs violators

   KING COUNTY--The King County Sheriff's Office (KCSO) has joined the Washington State Patrol, Redmond, and other local cities in extending a 10-day grace period--until Jan. 10--for drivers whose tabs expired in December.

   The soft-hearted approach, one of the few positive spinoffs from I-695, was apparently taken to prevent writer's cramp for officers, in light of the large numbers of people who are waiting to take advantage of the lower MVET fee. Officials also hope to lessen the feared swarms of people descending on Dept. of Licensing offices on Jan. 3.

   Vehicles with tabs that expired in earlier months are not subject to the grace period, and can be cited, said KCSO spokesman John Urquhart. People with overdue November tabs face a $71 fine, with $151 fines for earlier months. The fines would be issued only to those caught driving cars with overdue tabs, not to car owners who have parked their cars until January.

   As of Dec. 31, the Bothell Police Dept. had not adopted the grace policy.