Northwest NEWS

January 3, 2000


Bandits win state soccer title with shutouts


In a team effort with everyone contributing, the Bandits won the American Cup and clinched the State Championship for their age group. The final game was goalie Keirstin Hammond's sixth consecutive shutout. Team members include: Keirstin Hammond, Meghan Holt, Rachel Wright, Brandi Church, Amanda Thornton, Michelle Agustavo, Amy Kepler, Stacee Cross, Ashley Hodgson, Johanna Chase, Monice Shanta, Jessica Larson, Staci Heideman, and Tanya Huber. The team is coached by Pat Hodgson, John Agustavo, assistant coach, and Mark Huber, manager.
Photo courtesy of the Bandits soccer team.

   The Bandits, a Northshore U-14 girls' soccer team, recently tallied four shutouts to win the American Cup and clinch the State Championship in Shelton.

   In Game 1, the Bandits blanked the Vancouver Foxes, 2-0. Amy Kepler made a cross kick to goal and Ashly Hodgson made a perfect chest trap to score. Johanna Chase also scored. In Game 2, it was the Bandits by 3 over the Bellevue Kool Kats. Michelle Agustavo scored 2 and Amy Kepler had 1.

   In Game 3, the Bandits outscored the Shelton Undertoes by 6. Michelle Agustavo scored 3 goals, Staci Heideman had 1, and Monica Shanta scored twice. In Game 4, the Bandits won the State Championship with a 3-0 defeat of the Vancouver Foxes. Michelle Agustavo, Stacee Cross, and Ashley Hodgson each scored once.