Northwest NEWS

January 3, 2000

Valley Special

Historic garage felled for highway improvements

Buse Garage

Two days after Christmas, the old Buse Garage at Stillwater was removed to make way for improvements to Highway 203.

by Becky Nixon

   STILLWATER--In a shroud of fog early last week, the former owner of the Buse Garage and a group of onlookers watched as workers took the garage down piece by piece to make way for SR-203 improvements. The property at 9258 Carnation-Duvall Road had been in the Buse family since 1935. The garage was built in the years after World War II by Gene Buse.

   "It was a great location," said Dan Eastman, who leased the building for 15 years.

   "I remember when 'The Beans of Eygpt' with Rutger Hauer and Martha Plimpton was made there in the 1980s," said Marta Plant, Stillwater Store employee for 32 years. "They used a local logging truck in that film."

   Bobby Wolford Trucking and Demolition removed the building in a half a day. By carefully removing each piece, the company was able to recycle the materials to the Kimberly Clark Plant in Everett. Patty Dodd, longtime neighbor, wanted a memento from the garage, and Wolford brought her over a piece.

   "It wouldn't be so bad, if what they (the state) were going to do would help," said Dick Buse. "But they are putting in a right-hand turn lane and making the curve sharper."

   This year, the familar tractor with the festive lights on the top of the garage was not seen during the holidays. The tractor is for sale.