Northwest NEWS

January 10, 2000


Slow down, enjoy the beauty, and give neighborhoods a break

   This letter is in response to a letter regarding "speed limits on the back roads of Duvall."

   Although to some, these are just "back roads" and apparently are a great inconvenience when trying to get to town, these roads represent the neighborhoods of a lot of people. The houses may be a little further apart than those in a traditional neighborhood, but the families who live on those roads deserve the same 25 miles per hour speed limit as traditional neighborhoods, so that children and animals can play safely in front of their homes.

   We also need to be honest here and admit that if the speed limits were raised to 35 miles per hour, a lot of people would think that meant it was acceptable to drive 45 miles per hour and would do so without a second thought.

   There are several routes to Duvall that carry higher speed limits, such as Kelly/Cherry Valley Road, Big Rock Road, and Highway 203. If one is in a hurry, perhaps, he might consider taking one of those roads rather than speeding through someone's neighborhood. Or perhaps drivers might consider moving to a larger city where one is closer to the places he needs to rush to.

   It seems that everyone is always hurrying from place to place these days. Wouldn't it be a little bit nicer for everyone if we all allowed ourselves just a little bit more time to get to our destinations and slowed down to enjoy the beautiful areas we live in rather than speeding everywhere we need to go?

Gayle Miller, Duvall