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January 10, 2000



The Woodinville City Council

City CouncilFor most of my life, I've maintained a fairly cynical view of politicians. I'm glad to report that attending Woodinville City Council meetings has greatly enlightened my ignorant prejudices.

Letters to the Editor

Slow down, enjoy the beauty, and give neighborhoods a break

speed limitsWouldn't it be a little bit nicer for everyone if we all allowed ourselves just a little bit more time to get to our destinations and slowed down to enjoy the beautiful areas we live in?

Center made Christmas brighter for family with four children

Franciscan Health CareI would like to thank the staff at Franciscan Health Care Center at Bothell for their generous donation at Christmas time.

Decorations bring a smile; work is appreciated

decorationsAs Duvall residents and Christmas advocates, my family and I would like to thank all of the hard workers for doing such a wonderful job decorating Main Street and the bridge.

'Vacation creep' returns to Riverview School District

vacation creepNow we have "vacation creep" in the school schedule: two weeks of holiday vacation apparently weren't good enough for the school employees.

Letter writer is disappointed with school treatment

disappointmentThis letter is to express my disappointment at the treatment of our ward in an incident involving his teacher and the school nurse. The circumstances point to a rigid school policy that serves no practical purpose.

World should bring disposal and manufacture of toxins under control

toxinsI am deeply disturbed about the problems noted with disposal of deadly toxins in the U.S. I came upon this matter while doing a report about Hazardous Waste Management issues.

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