Northwest NEWS

January 10, 2000

Local News

Neglected goats and horses relocated

by Lisa Allen, Valley View editor

   DUVALL--All the goats and horses found living in overcrowded, unsanitary conditions on five acres on Stossel Creek Way have been relocated by the owner, according to Vicki Schmitz, Manager of King County Animal Services and Programs.

   "We have verified that the animals are in a suitable location," she said. "We have talked to the caregiver and the animals are being taken care of."

   Animal Control was called just before the new year after neighbors discovered the animals corralled in small pens full of manure, with no food or water. The owner had asked the neighbors to feed the animals after she was hospitalized with the flu. Neighbors found 100 goats, two horses, three sheep, fourteen dogs, and nine cats on the premises. Several of the dogs were locked in small cages, starving and covered with feces. One dog was found dead. Cats were discovered locked in trailers with no food or water.

   Animal Control removed six dogs, three of which had to be euthanized. Two are still recovering at the shelter, while one was returned to the owner. The remaining dogs that were not in bad condition were left to be cared for by the neighbors.

   "There are still many issues to sort out," said Schmitz. "Sometimes it takes weeks. Our first concern is for the welfare of the animals. The case is also being referred to the licensing inspector."

   Schmitz said the owner had too many animals and if she wants to continue to keep that many, she has to get a hobby kennel license, which requires inspections at regular intervals. Schmitz said she is unsure whether any of the animals will be allowed to be adopted, but she encouraged those who want to be put on an adoption list to call her at 206-296-4015.