Northwest NEWS

January 17, 2000


Voters should say Y2K (Yes to Kids)

   We know as parents and community members that we must prepare our children to participate and grow in the world in which they live today. We must also prepare them for the challenges that lie in the future. If we as a community fail to prepare our children, we are robbing them of the tools and knowledge needed to succeed in the modern world. We have a responsibility to prepare them to live in a world vastly different than the one we live in today.

   No component of modern life feels the effect of progress as dramatically and as quickly as our education system. At every level and in every community, from a rural kindergarten classroom to a computer lab in a major university, teachers and students are working to understand and implement new technologies.

   Modern and high-speed computers and networks need to become as integral a part of the education system as it is now in the modern and high paying work environment. Teachers need the latest training in computers and applications to enable them to educate and train the students to apply and work in this present and future workplace. We cannot continue to use yesterday's technology to train our children for tomorrow's professions.

   This community needs to pass the Technology Levy this February in order to make sure that our rural children continue to play on an even playing field with urban children. We cannot allow our children to fall behind the rest of the world in education just to protect "our way of life." It is because of our family and community way of life that we must move forward when it comes to our children and their education.

   We must say "Y2K (Yes to Kids) in 2000." Please get out and vote for your children's future this February 29th.

Chuck & Laura Johnson, Riverview School District, Carnation