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January 17, 2000

Valley Special

Preschool and church celebrate Children's Day

new playground

A new playground is shared by Carnation Co-op preschool and Tolt Congregational Church.

   On Sunday, October 17, the Carnation Co-op preschool and the Tolt Congregational Church joined together to celebrate Children's Day and the completion of a newly refurbished playground, which the church and the preschool share.

   The playground work was headed up by co-chairs Tammy Kenney and Kacie England, with a grant provided by the Snoqualmie Valley Community Network in honor of Washington State Children's Day, which fell on October 10.

   The celebration took place outside the church, and the reverend Jeff Spencer opened by offering a prayer. The Carnation Co-op preschool's chair Marie Dams and the playground co-chair Kacie England thanked everybody (mostly preschool parents) involved in refurbishing the playground. Food was served and the children had a chance to break in the new playground equipment.

   Inside, there was a project being directed by preschool teacher Jenny Mareno. It involved the children present at the celebration to have the opportunity to place their footprints on the new sandbox lid. This lid is prominently displayed at the center of the playground as a symbol and a reminder of the purpose of the playground.