Northwest NEWS

January 24, 2000


Volunteers needed for Tree Board

   It has been a pleasure to have served the City of Woodinville as a member of the Tree Board for the past five years. It is now time for others to have the opportunity to contribute to the workings of our city.

   There are currently two openings on the City of Woodinville Tree Board. I want to encourage people to apply for these positions.

   As a member of a city board, I have had the opportunity and pleasure to work with the very capable staff of the City of Woodinville. This staff is dedicated and enthusiastic about the city. They and the elected officials seek and value the input of members of the community. Serving on a board is a good vehicle for direct involvement.

   The Tree Board has provided a unique point from which to observe, contribute, and appreciate the workings of government. It has nurtured a strong appreciation for the need and importance of citizen input into their government.

   It has been a pleasure to serve with the other members of the board. This has been an opportunity to work with members of the community who have diverse interests and backgrounds, yet share a common interest in the trees and aesthetic quality of our city.

   The board has had the experience of responding to the needs of the community forest. Often this took the form of problem solving and presenting of information to other boards and the City Council that produced new policies for the city. The Board also is responsible for planning the annual Arbor Day events and other activities to promote our urban forest.

   The experience of serving on the board has been creative, energetic, respectful, diplomatic, fun, educational, and rewarding. To volunteer your time to the Tree Board, call City Hall at 489-2700 and ask for an application. I highly recommend it.

Karen K. Steeb, Woodinville