Northwest NEWS

January 24, 2000


Relocation of animals was correct, but they were being fed

   As a person who was involved with the situation involving the animals that were relocated from the five-acre property east of Duvall, I would like to point out one factual error that I noticed in both of your articles.

   The cats did have food and water at all times, but the rooms they were in were so cluttered that it's perfectly understandable that your reporter didn't see the dishes. Additionally, the goats had water buckets in their pens. The problem was that the lack of water at the property made it necessary for the volunteers to haul water. The situation was further complicated by the freezing conditions that caused the water to ice over. There was plenty of hay, dog food, and cat food available at the property.

   However, the animals were being kept in terribly overcrowded, dirty conditions, and several of the dogs were quite ill. Some of them were so thin, they must have been sick for a long time. The horses were living in the worst, muckiest conditions I have ever seen.

   In balance, I feel that relocating the animals was the right thing to do. However, in fairness to the owner, it should be known that the animals were being fed.

Julia Hossack, Duvall