Northwest NEWS

January 24, 2000


Computer lab was the result of lots of hard work

   The Carnation Elementary PTSA would like to thank some very important people that the Sunday, Jan. 9th Seattle Times article failed to mention and who were instrumental in the completion of the Carnation Elementary computer lab.

   The students at Carnation Elementary worked very hard to raise money to match the parental cash donations made through the PTSA. In a time when many are expecting everything to be handed over to them, these children succeeded in meeting their own lofty goals through their own hard work.

   Betty Rich, a fourth grade teacher, and Amanda Johnson, president; Amanda Biggs, vice president; Ashley Owen, secretary; Amber Owen, treasurer; and Lauren Vigna, activities director, led the student council.

   The Carnation Elementary PTSA does not feel that our schools in the Riverview school district are battlefields as stated by some in the article, but a place where faculty, parents, students, and community members recognize the need for upgrades and improvement.

Carnation Elementary PTSA Board