Northwest NEWS

January 24, 2000


'Millennium' keeps tempo lively

by Deborah Stone

   Currently running at SecondStory Repertory in Redmond is an original musical revue, I Know What You Did Last Millennium.

   Directed by artistic director and co-founder of SecondStory, Stan Gill, the show is a compilation of satirical songs and sketches that irreverently lampoons such subjects as sex, politics, ethics, movies, traffic, old age, and the world of technology. The humor is sharp-edged and fast-paced. The talent ensemble of four actors (Gill, Bhama Roger, Ty Willis, and Kate Witt) and a pianist (Lori Henriques, the musical director for the show), moves quickly from scene to scene, changing characters and keeping the tempo lively.

   A sketch on new age daycare stresses a utopian environment for your tot, complete with personal astrological and tarot readings and group meditation sessions. The men have a heyday telling their side of male/female dichotomies, with a particularly funny ditty called "Let's Not Talk About It!" When the women have their turn, they stress the need for emotions to enter a relationship, the wishful belief that men can be changed, and the effects of PMS.

   There's a wonderful elevator scene of repressed, briefcase types, standing apart and in their own worlds, who eventually lose all their inhibitions and succumb to the tune "In the Jungle." Gill and Witt do a great number as an elderly couple who are experiencing memory loss. The piece elicits lots of chuckles, but it is also poignant in its message.

   Audience participation enters into a spoof on private eye Sam Spade (renamed Jake Slade). On opening night, one young woman, chosen to be the attractive widow of the murder victim, performs her role to a tee and elicits much applause for her attempts.

   The ensemble of actors works well together and has great comedic timing. Their ability to change vocal pitch, mannerisms, and facial expressions makes them delightful to watch.

   I Know What You Did Last Millennium runs January 14-February 5, March 17-18, April 27-29, and June 1-3. For ticket information, call 425-881-6777.