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January 24, 2000

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Parks and Rec announces Skate Park Advisory Task Force

Skate Park Advisory Task Force

Left to right: Cindy Shelton, Bob Wuotilla, Steven Pugh, Nick Domoszlay, Dave Forman, Patrick Brown, Collin Monda, Cathy Wiederhold, Alex Wiederhold, Matt Oppen, Liz Aspen, John Markuson, and Mary Mavarro. Not pictured: Troy Brown, Jamie Hunsdale, Nick Altamura, and Gerry Oppliger.

   The City of Woodinville Parks and Recreation Commission has appointed a 14-member Skate Park Advisory Task Force to help the Parks and Recreation Department staff in developing location and design recommendations for a skate park facility.

   Task force members will be responsible for representing interests of other Woodinville area citizens and bringing those interests back to the City Council. In addition to attending planning meetings, task force members will tour other skate parks, review designs, help select potential sites, and complete other important aspects of this project.

   Skate Park Advisory Task Force Members will include: Park & Recreation Commissioners Cathy Wiederhold and Liz Aspen; Woodinville business owners/managers Manny Navarro (Woodinville Cycle) and Gerry Oppliger (Nordic Haus); parent representative Steve Pugh; Woodinville High School members Matt Oppen, Dave Forman, and Collin Monda; Northshore Junior High member Alex Wiederhold; Timbercrest Junior High member Nick Domoszlay.

   Volunteers other than task force members will be needed on a variety of tasks concerning the project. If you are interested in volunteering, call John Markuson, volunteer coordinator, at (425-489-2700, ext. 298.) Any other questions can be directed to the Skate Park Coordinator, Cindy Shelton, at 489-2700, ext. 292.