Northwest NEWS

January 24, 2000

Front Page

Kenmore joins Eastside Transit Partnership

by Marshall Haley, staff reporter

   KENMORE--Kenmore has joined Bothell as a member of two regional transit forums that recommend projects for transportation funding.

   Right after incorporation, Kenmore joined SeaShore, the forum that studies traffic issues in north King and south Snohomish counties, said City Mgr. Steve Anderson. Kenmore was recently asked to join the Eastside Transit Partnership (ETP), a coalition of Eastside cities forming one of three sub-areas under the jurisdiction of Sound Transit (ST), which oversees all regional transportation plans including the proposed light rail system.

   "We're more than happy to be part of both forums," said Anderson. "A lot of our residents use I-405, and when the 520 bridge is jammed, a lot of people route through Kenmore on 522 to get to Seattle. Bothell is in both, and I think Woodinville is also interested in joining SeaShore, because Sound Transit's proposed 'Route E' would make frequent express runs from Woodinville to Northgate, along 522. And Phase I of the light rail plan might be changed to include an extended link from Northgate to the 'U' District. Right now, Phase I only includes plans for links from downtown Seattle to Sea-Tac and Northgate."

   In December, Kenmore Deputy Mayor Jack Crawford went to an ST meeting, after King County Executive Ron Sims suggested ST needed an ETP representative on their board. Sims' recommendation of Crawford to the board is pending before the County Council. Councilmember Deborah Chase also represents the city at the ETP. Mayor Dick Taylor and Councilmember Marcia Schwendiman represent the city at SeaShore meetings.

   SeaShore was named for Seattle and Shoreline, but Seattle apparently would like to take care of its own improvements rather than be part of a coalition, said Anderson. SeaShore includes representatives from Bothell, Kenmore, Lake Forest Park, Shoreline, Community Transit, and King and Snohomish Counties.