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January 24, 2000


Anything is possible when you...

   The 1999-2000 theme for the Northshore School District PTA's Reflections was "Anything Is Possible," which has been interpreted by students through visual arts, photography, literature, and music. Over 200 works of art, 90 photographs, 180 pieces of literature, and 50 musical compositions are included in the exhibit at Ricketts Auditorium.

   Reflections is a national and Washington State PTA cultural arts program. The purpose of this program is to encourage students to use their creative talents to explore their thoughts and feelings about the current year's theme. Following an awards ceremony at the end of the month, the winning entries will advance to the state-level competition.

Northshore Reflections finalists for 1999-2000

Finalists marked with an asterisk will be representing Northshore Council PTA at the Washington State Reflections competition.

Visual Arts - Primary

  • Eve Beausoleil * (1st), Sunrise El.

  • Spencer Bakke * (2nd), Woodmoor El.

  • Kellen Brumbaugh * (3rd), Kenmore El.

  • Jesse Blaisdell (HM), Bear Creek El.; David Soltys (HM), Wellington El.; Rob Filley (HM), Kokanee El.
Visual Arts - Intermediate
  • James McCurry * (1st), Cottage Lake El.

  • Talecia Patton * (2nd), Crystal Springs El.

  • Jenna Cole (3rd), East Ridge El.

    Lauren Griffen (HM) Shelton View; Brian Tourville (HM), Hollywood Hills El.; Adrienne Clark (HM), Lockwood El.; Darren Lew (HM), Moorlands El.

Visual Arts - Junior
  • Louis Snyder * (1st), Skyview JH

  • Roxanne McCurry * (2nd), Timbercrest JH

  • Victor Wilkens * (3rd), Kenmore JH

  • Jennifer Tran (HM), Canyon Park JH; Shannon McDonald (HM), Timbercrest JH; Emily Stefansson (HM), Wellington El.; Everett Otteson (HM), Northshore JH.
Visual Arts - Senior
  • Greg Martin * (1st), Woodinville HS

  • Alana Benzel * (2nd), Woodinville HS

  • Tia Savedo * (3rd), Woodinville HS

  • Raven Lopez (HM), Woodinville HS
Music - Primary
  • Michelle Weidner * (1st), Cottage Lake

  • Rachel Weinstein * (2nd), Kenmore El.

  • Nathaniel Davis (3rd), Fernwood El.

  • John Thornburg (HM), Moorlands El.
Music - Intermediate
  • Amanda Floeting * (1st), Woodmoor El.

  • Hannah Jones * (2nd), Westhill El.

  • Jake Stone (3rd), Eastridge El.
Music - Junior
  • Erin Dodge, * (1st), Canyon Park JH

  • Hudson Reed * (2nd), Wellington El.

  • Kristen Mittelsteadt (3rd), Timbercrest JH

  • Thomas Case-Solomon (HM), Timbercrest JH; Zachary Liao (HM), Shelton View El.
Music - Senior
  • Ken Belcher * (1st), Inglemoor HS

  • Erica Alford * (2nd), Northshore JH
Literature - Primary
  • Eve Beausoleil * (1st), Sunrise El.

  • Kendal Crawford * (2nd), Maywood Hills

  • Mathew Boren (3rd), Moorlands El.

  • Russell Kilgannon (HM), Maywood Hills El.; Pavallan Mohan (HM), Fernwood El.
Literature - Intermediate
  • Jamie Finch * (1st), Moorlands El.

  • Adrienne Clark * (2nd), Lockwood El.

  • William Johnson (3rd), Shelton View El.

  • Katie Ewing (HM), Woodin El.; Dana Canfield (HM), Moorlands El.; Stefan Roger (HM), Bear Creek El.
Literature - Junior
  • Mika Jones * (1st), Kenmore JH

  • Taylor Adams * (2nd), Timbercrest JH

  • Jessica Rice * (3rd), Wellington El.

  • Cameron Rahman (HM), East Ridge El.; Paige Schultz (HM), Wellington El.
Literature - Senior
  • Colin Connolly * (1st), Inglemoor HS

  • Katherine Christensen * (2nd), Leota JH

  • Vincent Pai (3rd), Northshore JH
Photography - Primary
  • Steven James * (1st), Kokanee El.

  • Andrew Hoegar * (2nd), Wellington El.

  • Madison Smith (3rd), Woodmoor El.

  • Marina Oldfin (HM), Fernwood El.; Laura Tamura (HM), Fernwood El.
Photography - Intermediate
  • Kelsey Bresnick * (1st), Lockwood El.

  • Brianna Schroeder * (2nd), Eastridge El.

  • Scott McAlpine (3rd), Cottage Lake El.

  • Meghan Peterson (HM), Moorlands El.; Kate Cheney (HM) Sunrise El.; Jacob Peltz (HM), Shelton View El.
Photography - Junior
  • Marcus Lew * (1st), Shelton View El.

  • Marisa Mickelson * (2nd), Maywood Hills El.

  • Sammie Herzog (3rd), Cottage Lake El.

  • Cari Sanford (HM), Lockwood El.; Mackenzie Norton (HM), Hollywood Hill El.; Marina McLeod (HM), Leota JH.
Photography - Senior
  • Sergio Cueva * (1st), Woodinville HS

  • Ethan Jacobsen * (2nd), Woodinville HS

  • Erica Alford (3rd), Northshore JH

  • Alana Benzel (HM), Woodinville HS
Special Awards - Dual Placement
  • Alana Benzel (Photography and Visual Arts)

  • Erica Alford (Photography and Music)

  • Eve Beausoleil (Visual Arts and Literature)

  • Adrienne Clark (Visual Arts and Literature)
Reflections 1

The winning entries will advance to the state-level competition.

Reflections 2

"International Unity," by Alana Benzel, 2nd place, Woodinville High School.

Reflections 3

"Anything Is Possible When Nature Finds Out About Computers," by Shubho Sadhu, Shelton View Elementary.

Reflections 4

"Anything Is Possible When You Have Friends," by Katherine Palmer, Hollywood Hill Elementary.