Northwest NEWS

January 24, 2000

Front Page

City Hall construction brings traffic changes

by Marshall Haley, staff reporter

   WOODINVILLE--Woodinville City Hall construction manager Barry Quinn, of The RISE Group, announced a schedule of traffic changes and Brittany Park parking access changes at the City Council's Jan. 18 study session.

   Quinn said he met with Brittany Park residents the week before to apprise them of construction impacts on their access to the street and to the parking lot they share on the new City Hall site.

   Public access to 133rd NE via NE 172nd (the street going west from Canterbury Square's entrance on 135th) will be interrupted for three to four months during construction next fall, said Public Works Director Mick Monken. But Brittany Park residents will have continuous use of their main entrance on 133rd, to reach NE 171st (the South Bypass).

   However, during construction, Brittany Park will lose access to 133rd from their west parking lot and the parking lot they share with the City. That access will close during construction and those lots will directly access NE 171st through the current fire lane on the west side of the complex. The City will cut a curb to provide an entryway at the southwest corner. Deliveries and garbage collection will also use that new access.

   The shared parking space will shut down for one to two weeks this spring while drain pipe is laid. Then the lot will be paved and fenced off from the construction site, so Brittany Park residents can use it again. That work will be completed in the first month of construction, said Quinn.

   The construction project will go to bid on Mar. 9, and RISE will make their award recommendation to the Council on Apr. 10, said Quinn. The new City Hall is due to open around New Year's of 2001.

   All widening and paving of 133rd NE should be finished in September, said Quinn. Construction crews will frequently water down the road and City Hall site to minimize dust in Brittany Park, especially during hauling of over 8,000 yards of fill onto the City Hall site.