Northwest NEWS

January 31, 2000


50-50 split's a good idea

   The 50-50 split proposed by Gov. Gary Locke is an idea worthy of consideration. Right now, the school systems in our area are not getting enough money to pay teachers fairly or to buy enough academic materials for the students.

   This is a huge need right now because many districts are on very small budgets and have to cut back on certain academic activities. Right now, in schools all around Puget Sound, there are large classes that need to be made smaller, and there is a need for more educational materials.

   If these students don't get a good education now, what guarantee do they have for the future? If we followed through on the 50-50 split that Gov. Gary Locke proposed, there would be money available to secure the upcoming days and futures of the children in your community.

   Don't you think that it is important enough to split your tax money with the kids who will soon be in charge of our future?

Kacie Gartland, Northshore Junior HIgh School student