Northwest NEWS

January 31, 2000


Elian Gonzalez should go home

   I can't believe that Elian Gonzalez is going to stay here until March. His father loves and misses Elian, and he definitely has more of a right to be with his son than Elian's uncle has.

   The Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS) met many times with Elian's father and found that he was a good parent and had not been mistreating his son. Just last week, it was decided that Elian's father would come pick him up and they would go home to Cuba. Then a judge gave custody to his Miami relatives. The INS should have just ignored the ruling.

   Now a Federal judge ruled that Elian should go home with his father. It is a good thing that the Federal judge stepped in, because otherwise Elian might be staying in the U.S.

Sarah J. Caley, Northshore Junior High School student