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January 31, 2000


Letters to the Editor

Residents need to have input instead of reaction

Upper Bear Creek CouncilIf you are a resident of unincorporated King County and want to have input instead of reaction, attend and be a part of the Upper Bear Creek Council meetings.

Taxpayers would rather pay more for rock

proposed quarryI read with interest your article in the Valley View about the meeting last week regarding the proposed quarry just north of Duvall. It is interesting that Mr. Jackels admits he expected the people of Duvall to object.

Veterans' benefits are being eroded

veterans' benefitsThe Veterans Administration has deleted another service which you earned by serving your country.

Why the outrageous spending?

outrageous spendingI'm writing this letter to the taxpayers in the Woodinville Fire & Life Safety District. I just want you to know that I did not vote for the 20% increase in your bill.

Christmas gifts appreciated

Christmas giftsThe gracious giving people of Woodinville should be thanked. The Woodinville Fire Station was given many toys, games, stuffed animals, and stocking stuffers for Christmas disbursement.

Performing arts center needs to be completed

Cedarcrest Performing Arts CenterWhen the lights come up and the curtain opens, few of the patrons sitting in the Cedarcrest Performing Arts Center understand just how miraculous it is that there is a show to see.

It's almost time to vote again

M&O levyIt is almost time to vote on behalf of children and schools again. The Maintenance and Operations renewal levy is coming up on Tuesday, March 14, 2000.

50-50 split's a good idea

50-50 splitThe 50-50 split proposal is an idea worthy of consideration. The school systems in our area are not getting enough money to pay teachers fairly or to buy enough academic materials.

Elian Gonzalez should go home

Elian GonzalezI can't believe that Elian Gonzalez is going to stay here until March. His father loves and misses Elian, and he definitely has more of a right to be with his son than Elian's uncle has.

Cruelty to animals must be stopped

animal testingI feel that animal cruelty such as cosmetics testing must stop. It seems that people think it is okay to torture animals.

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