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January 31, 2000


Lichtenstein's pop art featured at SAM

Roy Lichtenstein art

"Seattle Collects Lichtenstein," a collection of nearly three dozen works by Roy Lichtenstein, is on exhibit at SAM.
Photo courtesy of the Seattle Art Museum.

   by Deborah Stone

   Currently on view at the Seattle Art Museum is a new exhibit by world-famous pop artist Roy Lichtenstein.

   "Seattle Collects Lichtenstein" is a collection of nearly three dozen works spanning the artist's entire career from the 1960s to the 1990s. Noteworthy paintings, sculptures, prints, and drawings on loan from local collectors and SAM's collection are included in the exhibition.

   Lichtenstein was a painter, sculptor, and graphic artist best known for his large-scale renditions of comic strip art. After getting his M.F.A. from Ohio University in 1949, he pursued an abstract expressionist style, but after several years, he began working in what became known as the "pop art" style. He experimented with images from cartoons, bubble gum wrappers, and advertisements, and then dedicated himself to making art from mass-produced merchandising images, which became immensely popular with American and European collectors.

   His paintings used simple color schemes and procedures that mimicked commercial printing techniques. He also incorporated the use of colored circles that imitated the screens of dots used in newspaper printing and then surrounded this image with heavy, black outlines. This became Lichtenstein's personal style and he then applied it to paintings based on familiar work by other artists.

   "Seattle Collects Lichtenstein" runs through May 14th.

   Up next at SAM is a special decorative arts exhibition featuring over 200 ceramics that trace the evolution of porcelain. "Porcelain Stories: From China to Europe" opens February 17th and will celebrate the museum's strong holdings of porcelain, while exploring the global impact of porcelain from sixth-century China to 18th century Europe.

   In conjunction with this exhibition, an international symposium will be held March 4-5, featuring distinguished speakers from China, the Netherlands, Boston, London, and New York, who will discuss the role of porcelain in the artistic traditions of Asia and Europe.

   For more information on SAM's current and future exhibits, call 206-654-3100.