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January 31, 2000


'Fantasia 2000' works its magic to create spectacular imagery

Fantasia 2000

Donald Duck has always been a bit envious of Mickey Mouse's star status and now, after 60 years, he finally gets equal billing in Fantasia 2000. In the "Pomp and Circumstance" episode, the highly flappable duck takes on the role of Noah's assistant and finds himself leading a procession of animal couples onto the ark.
Photo courtesy of and copyright © by Disney Enterprises, Inc.

by Deborah Stone

   Fantasia 2000, now showing at the Boeing IMAX Theatre at the Pacific Science Center, is an exciting showcase for the talents of a new generation of Disney animators and filmmakers. The film has returned in time for the millennium with seven new selections, plus "The Sorcerer's Apprentice" from the 1940 classic.

   Fantasia 2000 makes use of all the latest technological tools and innovations to tell its stories and create spectacular imagery. World-renowned conductor James Levine directs the Chicago Symphony Orchestra for this very special production, which features exquisite music by noted classical and modern composers such as Beethoven, Shostakovich, Saint-Saens, Elgar, Gershwin, and Stravinsky.

   Viewers of all ages will delight in this concert film, which took over nine years to make, under the initiation of Roy E. Disney, vice chairman of The Walt Disney Company. The show continues and builds on Walt Disney's original release of Fantasia in 1940 with the creation of a new musical program interpreted by a group of top Disney artists and storytellers. There are magical whales, hysterically comic flamingos with yo-yos, Donald and Daisy as star-crossed lovers, ballerinas and tin soldiers, forest sprites, and battling shapes.

   Celebrity hosts from the various arts appear onscreen to introduce each of the segments, including Steve Martin, Bette Midler, Quincy Jones, Penn and Teller, Itzhak Perlman, Angela Lansbury, and James Earl Jones. The stories lead viewers from one place to another, evoking humor, emotion, and drama. There is a whole range of animation presented from fantasy to realistic, allowing audiences to see this art form fully explored and in all its glory.

   Fantasia 2000 is an enthralling and hypnotic experience, which engages the audience from beginning to end. The larger-than-life IMAX format enhances each magical moment of this breathtaking journey into the world of imagination.

   Fantasia 2000 runs through April 30. For ticket information, call 206-443-IMAX.