Northwest NEWS

February 7, 2000


Become a leader

   I have lived in this community for the last ten years, and what a disappointment it is becoming. This letter is long overdue, and was only a thought until I read "Vacation Creep returns to Riverview School District" [Jan. 10, 2000 edition].

   If the letter writers have the time to sit around and complain about Riverview School District employees, then they also have the time to help within the district.

   Instead of complaining, run for the school board; instead of complaining, become involved in your child's (children's) school. Have you ever volunteered in your child's class, at Bingo for Books, or assisted in a work party replacing dilapidated playground equipment?

   Are you one of the 10 fathers (out of the 290 others who fail to support the school) I see out there in the rain helping on a Saturday to replace the playground equipment? Do you think it magically appears? Volunteers are always needed. Contact your PTA.

   If you don't like the Riverview School District, there are plenty of other districts where you can place your child. How about a private school? But that costs! I'm sure, though, not as much as your babysitter on that Vacation Creep Monday.

   It's the same teachers and core group of parents who make sure your child has books and playground equipment, and is cared for up to seven hours each school day. It's time for you and other parents to get off the backs of teachers and employees, put both feet on the ground, and become a leader.

Mark Orendorff, Duvall