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February 7, 2000


Guest Editorial

Washington supports teacher quality

teacher qualitySeveral recent national education reports leave the disappointing perception that Washington's teachers rank among the worst in the country. That's wildly inaccurate.

Letters to the Editor

Become a leader

parent participationI have lived in this community for the last ten years, and what a disappointment it is becoming. This letter is long overdue, and was only a thought until I read "Vacation Creep returns to Riverview School District."

Choices have been desperately limited

Proposition 13A recent letter outlining how wonderful Proposition 13 has been to the State of California cannot go unanswered. This gross misunderstanding requires clarification.

Where does it stop?

school spendingAll of us would like to see the best school buildings and facilities, more schools, more teachers, brand new buses, new sports fields, new roads, new city halls and fire department facilities, and so on and so on and so on.

Vote 'yes' on all three levies

leviesI am writing you to ask you to support the children of Riverview School District by voting "yes" on the three levies on the ballot in February.

Callon's allegations are wrong

Callon's false allegationsI am responding to Mr. Callon's letter, which is full of half-truths and misinformation. I have yet to understand how four commissioners can constantly be wrong and only Mr. Callon be right.

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