Northwest NEWS

February 7, 2000

Valley Special

Open house to present Preston traffic safety improvements

   The King County Road Services Division will hold a community workshop on Wednesday, Feb. 16, from 7-9 p.m. at Preston Community Center to familiarize residents with a series of recommendations to improve pedestrian, traffic, and bicycle safety in the Preston area.

   This meeting is a follow-up to a community workshop held in November to identify a variety of pedestrian and safety needs in Preston. At that workshop, residents were asked to identify specific locations in their community where they think safety improvements might be needed.

   Examples of possible recommended improvements include: Pedestrian safety improvements along High Point Way, overhead crosswalk flasher on SE 84th at High Point Way, intersection improvements at Preston-Fall City Road and SE 87th Pl., relocate school bus stop on SE 308th, evaluate speed limits along Preston-Fall City Rd., and prohibit use of truck compression brakes along Preston-Fall City Rd.

   The Center is located at 5625 310th Ave. SE. For more information about the workshop, call Barbara de Michele at 206-263-3792.