Northwest NEWS

February 7, 2000

Valley Special

Network invites community proposals

   The Snoqualmie Valley Community Network is inviting individuals and groups to submit proposals for projects, events, and activities that will help build a stronger sense of community within the boundaries of the Riverview and Snoqualmie Valley School Districts.

   Projects may involve helping people in a neighborhood to know one another better, creating new partnerships between already existing groups, encouraging friendships between longtime residents and area newcomers, or activities that strengthen the bonds between people living in a neighborhood.

   The Strong Sense of Community Team of the Network anticipates disbursing up to $10,000 among several winning proposals. Interested individuals or groups must have their proposals postmarked by March 17, 2000. Suggestions offered include a neighborhood basketball tournament or organization of a neighborhood block watch.

   Winning applications will involve events and activities that are drug and alcohol free, include youth, and have a community focus. Call Ellen Kropp at 425-333-6614 for information.