Northwest NEWS

February 14, 2000


Nutritional information would be appreciated

   Your "Dining In" section often has recipes that sound delicious. However, there is no nutritional information at all. Have you thought about getting with the program and supplying the nutritional information to go with the recipes?

   It's the law that food packages must contain this data. However, the Valley View must not fall into this category. It would be wonderful to see the food values published with each recipe, so that one may decide if it is within their dietary limits to consume the food.

   In this day and age, with all the concern about protein, carbohydrates, and fats, I'm surprised that it is not being done in the Valley View. Supply your readers with recipes, but please include the nutritional value of each.

Colleen Gandini, Woodinville

Ed. Note: We will try to provide nutritional details for recipes when the information is available.