Northwest NEWS

February 14, 2000


As usual, but please fix it

On Friday morning, November 12, I was, as usual, trying to get to work on time. To avoid the congestion on Avondale and on the Woodinville-Duvall Road, I, as usual, decided to use NE 165th Street. It had been raining (as usual), and as usual, whenever it rains for awhile, NE 165th St. was flooded.

   By the time I came to King County's usual answer to this flooding, their "Road Closed" sign, it was too late to make a long detour and still arrive at work when I needed to. So, like hundreds of other motorists I drove around the sign and through the puddle. What was not usual for that day was the presence of a King County police officer.

   Unfortunately, I was one of the few unlucky ones who went around the Road Closed sign that day to be cited for breaking the law. I do not blame him. He was simply doing his job, but the ticket I received, the time lost from work that day and later on at the mandatory court appearance, and finally the $75.00 fine I had to pay, were the final straw for me.

   I have lived in Woodinville for fourteen years, and for fourteen years, this road has flooded. I know that those who lived here before me can testify that it flooded regularly before I came.

   With the incredible rise in the number of vehicles using the roads in this area, NE 165th St. is becoming an increasingly vital alternative to Avondale and the Woodinville-Duvall Road. I believe it is gross negligence for King County to leave this road as it is and simply put up Road Closed signs whenever it rains for a few days.

   For this reason, I am considering administrative or legal action to try to solve this problem. My guess is that there are others that believe it is long past time for King County to fix this road.

   If you believe as I do, that this road must be repaired and repaired soon, and would like to join me in my efforts to get King County to pay attention to this concern, let me know. Please contact me through e-mail at, or by writing me at Matt Kennedy; P.O. Box 2791; Woodinville, WA 98072, and let me know how to get in touch with you.

Matt Kennedy, Woodinivlle