Northwest NEWS

February 14, 2000


Let's help kids prepare for the future

   I am writing this letter to explain why passing our Technology Levy on February 29th is not only necessary, but also overdue. I am not going to whine and beg you to vote, but rather explain the situation facing Riverview schools.

   The so-called "Computer Lab" at Stillwater Elementary, which is where I work, is eleven years old and on its last legs. Yes, there are 26 computers; however, they are Apple II-GS models, which are the computer equivalent of the dinosaur.

   They are so antiquated that we cannot update them or repair them. They do not run today's educational software, and consequently they do not promote learning of important skills necessary in our high-tech world.

   I am inviting you to come by and see the situation for yourself. If facts don't move you to vote, what will? These kids are our future. Let's help them prepare for it.

Amy Beal, Duvall