Northwest NEWS

February 14, 2000

Local News

City Hall gets new flagpole, heart starter

by Marshall Haley, staff reporter

   WOODINVILLE--Barry Quinn, vice-president of the RISE Group, and project manager of the new City Hall, announced 80 percent completion of construction plans by Lewis Architects.

   "They are working day and night to finish the plans, which is why they aren't here tonight for this update," said Quinn.

   He reviewed the planning process with the City Council at their Feb. 7 study session. Lewis has met with the Council seven times since planning began last spring, and 11 times with the Planning Commission, said Quinn.

   RISE and Lewis are on track to begin the 30-day construction bid process on March 6. All preliminary permit applications are being submitted now, and they will submit all construction permit applications after March 6. Special permits will be sought for furnishings, cabling for data information, and installing audiovisual facilities. On Apr. 10, they will bring their recommendation for the general contractor award, which will leave a 40-week window for construction.

   Quinn presented an updated drawing of the City Hall grounds, featuring placement of a 35-foot steel-post flagpole on the plaza area outside the southwest entrance to City Hall, off the main parking lot.

City chooses new defibrillator

   Lt. Steve Cooke demonstrated three types of heart defibrillators to the City Council, which decided to buy one for City Hall at their Jan. 24 meeting. The Council chose the one that gave the lowest bid, which Cooke said was also the best machine for City use.

   Fire Marshal Joel Kuhnhenn said his office will provide equipment training and ongoing education for all City staff, and that the fire district will offset any equipment costs over the $2,500 allowed by the City's budget.