Northwest NEWS

February 14, 2000

Front Page

Open public forum on sewer for Carnation

   The Carnation Sewer Advisory Committee will host an open public forum to receive comment about a study to construct a sewage treatment and collection system in the city limits.

   Being held on Thursday, Feb. 17, at 7:30 p.m. in the Carnation Senior Center behind City Hall, the forum will have three parts: an introduction by the Sewer Advisory Committee, a brief presentation by the study consultant, and public comment to receive questions and hear individual issues. The Carnation Chamber of Commerce will provide refreshments at the forum's close.

   A newsletter and map were previously mailed to residents, businesses, and property owners within the city limits. Mayor Bob Patterson feels that the sewer issue "is a most significant key to the city's future."

   In a letter to the City Council recommending the current sewer study, the Committee wrote, "Carnation is a vital and livable small town, but affordable housing is at a premium."

   Drainfield restrictions on the small lots of downtown "make it impossible to allow for the construction of any new multiple housing or townhouses that would provide residences for our seniors, young families and single parent households ... A well-designed sewer system is crucial to restoring Carnation as a self-sufficient small town..."

   The Sewer Advisory Committee hopes to hear from a wide variety of interested parties, both pro and con. Some city officials will be present.