Northwest NEWS

February 14, 2000

Valley Special

Apply for Tolt Middle School Multi-Age Program

   Tolt Middle School, in the Riverview School District, is now accepting applications for its 2000-2001 Multi-Age Program.

   Forms are available at the middle school office in Carnation, or can be requested by calling 425-333-4191. Applications must be received by April 7, 2000. This program is different from the K-5 Multi-Age Program.

   The middle school program services 54 diverse students in two classrooms that integrate the subject areas of language arts, science, social studies, and math. Students are together for the core subject areas, but still take advantage of Tolt's full range of elective and strand classes, including P.E., music, technology, art, health, and PAT. The program is situated at Tolt Middle School.

   "Parents appreciate that the bond they establish with the Multi-Age teachers lasts for three years, instead of only one," said Mark Klune, Multi-Age teacher. "Because we know our students over a longer period of time, we can truly meet their academic and social needs."

   The program offers the following highlights: Odyssey of the Mind, full-length theatrical production, challenging enrichment program, longer class periods in a blocked schedule, thematically integrated three-year curriculum cycle, student-led conferences, portfolio-style assessment, solid basic skills instruction, monthly potluck dinners for parents, and opportunities for parent involvement.

   The program promotes effective communication, critical thinking and creative problem-solving, self-directed learning and lifelong learning, quality finished products, caring and ethical people who work and get along with others, and people who adapt to change.