Northwest NEWS

February 21, 2000


What does Valentine's Day mean to you?

   Valentine's Day is usually a day to show someone you care and it is a day to give. For me, this past Valentine's Day was a day to take.

   While attending a game at the Woodinville Indoor Soccer Arena, my car was broken into. The thieves made off with my burgundy Jansport backpack filled with various items. The items ranged from baby items, a journal, and several personal items which included a Pentax camera.

   The camera had film in it that recently captured pictures of my baby's baptism. They say a picture is worth a thousand words, and for me it also holds a thousand memories that cannot be duplicated.

   If someone should notice any of these items, or better yet have the film I have described, please turn them in to the Woodinville Weekly and no questions will be asked.

Name withheld by request.