Northwest NEWS

February 21, 2000


Vote "yes" on Feb. 29

   The Riverview School District has its Replacement Maintenance and Operations levy on the Feb. 29th ballot. This levy provides almost 20% of the operating budget for our schools. It must pass and it must pass by a super majority of 60%. Lately, it has passed with a whisper and a prayer.

   Supporting our schools is the number one thing all of us can do to make our community strong. Good schools provide the glue that holds us together. Well-funded schools can provide programs for kids ahead of the curve. Well-funded schools can provide all the tools for disabled kids to get the education they need to succeed, not one designed for the minimum Federal requirements. Well-funded schools have art and music and sports.

   We can either have a School District that provides a range of opportunities, or we can have one that serves only the lowest common denominator. We only get one chance to educate the kids of our community. Every kid that fails in school is more likely to become a burden on our society.

   What do you want to pay for: jails or schools? I choose schools.

Kate Miller, Carnation