Northwest NEWS

February 21, 2000


Friends of Cherry Valley? Or Snoqualmie Valley pretense?

   Residents of Duvall are dead against having a new rock quarry in Cherry Valley. Others have been quick to join in singing the harmonious song, almost a spiritual melody of reasons, such as preserving a style of life and destroying scenic beauty. What about all those nasty diesel trucks rolling through our peaceful town? I say, "Get a grip."

   The real reason is very subtle! The town is obviously against the quarry because--nobody stands to make big money. People can stand together when they have nothing involved and nothing to lose. Then, it's easy and even somewhat gallant.

   I've been around here about 27 years and I remember not too long ago when logging, trucking, farming, and construction were our lifestyle. Nobody said "ugly" when the city doubled the sewage treatment facility or built the water tank on Big Rock Road. Nobody cried "foul" at the Safeway strip mall and office complex or foundry on our river because "money" created a conflict of interest.

   Just think a minute: a strip mall, a rock quarry. Which is more ugly, or noisy, for that matter? Environmental impact? Give me a break! I know what I would rather look at. Everyone with a gravel driveway is guilty of bringing a quarry truck through town. Every foundation under every house brought cement trucks, and the city of Duvall has done worse. I notice Cadman has almost doubled their prices in the last 10 years by buying out the competition.

   Friends of Cherry Valley? Let me ask one question. If you were the owner of that quarry property, on which side of the fence would you stand? Also, you might look at the people around you and their motives. Be careful! You might be opposing competitive business and supporting a "good ol' boy" hypocrisy.

   When the quarry passes--after all, it's legal and is their property--you can all get together again and complain about the new freeway. People haven't changed, and neither has progress.

Rob Toms, Duvall