Northwest NEWS

February 21, 2000


Keep the pride in Riverview

   The members of the Riverview Education Association urge to you to vote "yes" on February 29th. There are three measures included in this School Election.

   The first measure is the Maintenance and Operations Levy. This is essential for us to maintain the quality educational programs that the Riverview School District is proud of.

   The second measure is the Technology Levy. Our staff members provide superb instruction, yet are held back by archaic equipment and systems that often break down. We want our students to be leaders in the twenty-first century, rather than always trying to catch up with everyone else.

   The third measure is the Performing Arts Center. When Cedarcrest was originally conceived, this was included in the proposal and simply has never been completed. With the addition of drapery, storage areas, and a sound system, the entire community can use and enjoy the Performing Arts Center.

   When I was hired in Riverview two years ago, I was proud to brag to my friends that I was an employee of the Riverview School District. Let's keep the pride in Riverview and vote "yes" on February 29th.

Pamela K. Kruse, president, Riverview Education Association