Northwest NEWS

February 21, 2000


Mayor thanks those who served city well

   I would like to express my thanks to the City of Carnation for their recent recognition of my work as Mayor. It was indeed an honor serving the City during the past four years. I would like to acknowledge and recognize several individuals who have made outstanding accomplishments for the City of Carnation these past two years, as well.

   The City recently received a clean audit review by the State Auditor for the Fiscal Year 1998. This is the result of the excellent work of Finance Director Rich Gould. Rich came to the City in early 1998 when finances were in total disarray. He brought the City back to fiscal accountability. Mary Otness played a major part in assisting in this process and maintaining the city clerk records during this same period.

   Police services for Carnation were much in the news two years ago. Officers Bill Brown and Scott Allen have continued as members of the Carnation Police Department for this entire period. I wish to publicly thank them for their loyalty and service these past two years. They continue to serve Carnation residents well and have bright law enforcement careers with the King County Sheriff's Department.

   Woody Edvalson has brought professionalism and competence to the city staff these past twelve months. I was pleased to see him assume the role of city manager and know the city will continue to be well served in the coming years.

   Lastly, I wish to thank my fellow councilmember and former Mayor Pro-Tem Ron Chapin for his work these past four years. Ron and I worked together during some very difficult times. Ron was the person behind the scenes that I could always count on for support.

   Thank you, Carnation, for the opportunity to have served you these past four years.

David H. Hunter, Carnation Mayor, 1998-1999