Northwest NEWS

February 21, 2000


Thanks, but we'll skip Little League

   Once again, I received the flyer about Little League baseball here in the Valley, and was a bit dismayed. I have children of the proper age to play softball, and always thought it might be sort of fun to get my kids involved. But each time I see that flyer, I change my mind.

   The criteria are clearly spelled out in this promo paper. Proof of residency must be provided. Proof of age must be provided. Only valid original birth certificates will be accepted, no hospital copies allowed. Instead of getting an image of a club that will nurture and encourage my children, instead of conjuring up a picture of nice kids learning to play sports in a cooperative, supportive environment with a caring adult, I get a picture of suspicious adults trying to weed out cheating children.

   I picture little four-year-old boys trying to pass as five so that they can play ball with the big boys, forging birth certificates at their kitchen tables with crayons. Or maybe I have it backwards. Maybe it is actually nine-year-olds who are trying to pass as seven so that they can get into a club with less-skilled kids.

   I'm not trying to knock the volunteers, who I'm sure put so much time and energy into Little League, but we'll skip it this year.

Betsy MacWhinney, Duvall