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February 21, 2000

Local News

State holds its third Presidential primary

   KING COUNTY--On Tuesday, Feb. 29, Washington voters have the opportunity to leap into balloting booths to narrow the Presidential nominee field for only the third time in state history.

   In 1989, the state legislature passed a law allowing the primaries of May 1992 and March 1996. Previously, state voters did not vote for Presidential primary candidates.

   This year's precinct caucuses will be held on March 7, to select delegates to county or legislative district conventions. Delegates selected at those conventions will attend the state's Democratic and Republican conventions, where delegates are chosen to attend the parties' national conventions. Those delegates choose the parties' Presidential candidates.

   Democratic candidates include Bill Bradley, Al Gore, and Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr. Republican candidates still in the race include George W. Bush, Alan Keyes, and John McCain, although Gary Bauer, Steve Forbes, and Orrin Hatch dropped out of the race after ballots were printed.

   Special elections for eight King County school levies and two fire district levies will be included on the Feb. 29 ballot. None involve Northshore jurisdictions, but three involve the Riverview School District of Duvall/Carnation.

   Absentee ballots may be obtained in person through Feb. 28. For information, call (206) 296-VOTE or by fax at (206) 296-0108.