Northwest NEWS

February 21, 2000

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Artwalk planned for trail, parks


This metal sculpture is an example of the type of public outdoor art the City of Woodinville will rent for their Artwalk.

by Marshall Haley, staff reporter

   WOODINVILLE--The Woodinville City Council gave Parks & Recreation Director Lane Youngblood approval to use $5,000 toward managing a rotating public art display along the Sammamish River trail, around Wilmot and Woodin Creek Parks.

   The money was donated by Tom Anderson of Bothell's "Super Jock 'n' Jill" store to support the "Woodinville Artwalk," a pilot project initiated by the Parks & Recreation Commission last year. Anderson asked the City to display the art obtained with that money along the river route taken by participants in the annual "Super Jock 'n' Jill Race," which the Parks & Recreation Dept. helps sponsor and direct.

   The Council agreed with the Parks & Recreation Commission's recommendation that temporarily displaying outdoor sculptures during the spring, summer, and fall of 2000 will be of more benefit than purchasing a single piece for permanent installation in Wilmot Park. The Parks Commission hopes the showing of larger, more visible pieces will result in a higher level of public interest and further donations of permanent art. They believe it will also give other corporate sponsors of the Jock 'n' Jill Race more return on their investment.

   Youngblood and her staff have researched large sculptures displayed at the City of Redmond's campus and Kirkland's waterfront parks as possible examples. Some of those sculptures are temporarily "on loan" to the cities. The City of Woodinville would pay artists a small stipend for installing, displaying, and removing their artwork at the end of the contract.

   Pieces will be chosen by their aesthetic value and vandalism-proof qualities. Most pieces now under consideration have already been displayed in public venues and have a track record for safety and withstanding vandalism. Artists are required to keep their pieces in good repair while they are displayed. The pieces will be listed as City property assets during the display contract, but the City will not be responsible for vandalism.

   Factors for selecting the artwork include: local artists; representational art; abstract art; art that appeals to children; color; natural materials; and art with a nature theme.

   Councilmembers agreed on certain stipulations before giving their approval. Barbara Solberg said the Council must have final say on the art selected and said the work should be explained by an anchored, plastic covered display, rather than by leaflets left at the sites. Mayor Randy Ransom suggested displaying photos of the art, and listing its exact location on the City website.