Northwest NEWS

February 21, 2000

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Kenmore's mayor named to Transit Board

   The Metropolitan King County Council's Transportation Committee recently approved and voted for the appointments of Jack Crawford to the Sound Transit Board.

   "Councilmember Crawford promises to be a very valuable board member who will speak up for Eastsiders and Northend residents alike," said Councilmember Rob McKenna.

   The appointment of Crawford, from the Kenmore City Council, came before the committee at the end of last year. The committee allowed extra time on the matter to hear testimony from cities and residents, who were concerned about their representation on the board.

   "It may have looked contentious at times, but we actually got some great input from several communities," said Councilmember Chris Vance, who became chair of the Transportation Committee in January. "We were also able to interview each nominee at length, and we came away assured that these are two great appointments."

   Crawford will fill the unexpired term of former Kirkland City Councilmember Dave Russell.