Northwest NEWS

February 28, 2000


It's Girl Scout cookie time

   The Girl Scout cookie sale is being held through March 12 this year. The Woodinville Girl Scouts of Service Unit 410 have set up site sales at many Woodinville businesses to make it convenient to buy the cookies.

   Please look for the sites outside these Woodinville businesses: Safeway, QFC, Molbak's, Barnes & Noble, Albertson's, Top Foods, Hollywood Video, Movieola, Starbucks (at 13780 NE 175th), Bank of America, and Rite Aid. Look for the Girl Scouts selling the cookies on the weekends and after school during the week. The cookies are just $3 a box and there are eight delicious varieties from which to choose.

   New this year to the cookie sale is the "Gift of Caring" program. With this program, customers can choose to donate cookies in addition to purchasing cookies for themselves. The customer pays for extra boxes, which are delivered to a chosen charity on March 18th. The Girl Scouts still get the proceeds of the sale, and a local charity, such as a food bank, gets the cookies.

   The money raised by the sale of Girl Scout cookies helps to pay for many Totem Council programs, including residence camps, troop programs, administration, and training of volunteers. A total of $2.14 from each box of cookies goes to the Council programs. Girl Scout troops retain $.45 from each box they sell. The troops use the money to go on field trips, earn badges, and participate in other activities they would be unable to otherwise afford. The remaining $.96 from each $3 box of cookies is the cost of the cookies.

   Many troops do great things with their cookie money. Troop #1931, 4th graders from Bear Creek Elementary, plan to go on a camping trip, horseback riding, and rock climbing. The Cadettes and Senior Girl Scouts of Troop #1307 have used the money in the past to visit the Troop House in Port Townsend and attend the Pacific Northwest Girl Scout Camporee. The Cadettes of Timbercrest Troop #250 saved for three years to go on a river-rafting trip.

   Troop #274, which includes Cadettes from Timbercrest, Overlake, and Leota, are planning a trip to New York to see the Girl Scout headquarters, attend a Broadway show, and tour the Statue of Liberty. The East Ridge 2nd grade troop #3244 is planning to do a special overnight at the Woodland Park Zoo. The Woodmoor 3rd graders of Troop #410 are checking to see if they will have enough cookie money to replace the school's tattered flags.

Sue Jones, PR Rep for Woodinville Girl Scouts