Northwest NEWS

February 28, 2000


Expenses continue, so must funding

   As I write this, my family is awaiting my husband's upcoming paycheck, the one that covers the expenses we face in the latter half of the month, namely our mortgage, insurance, and miscellaneous household expenses. We would certainly be in trouble if we didn't receive this check every two weeks, but I don't spend any time worrying that my husband's company will refuse to pay him this time.

   Why not? Because all employers realize that one check twice monthly covers pretty much a month's worth of expenses. It would be comical for a boss to express surprise that his or her employee needs another check, having just received one fifteen days ago.

   The same idea applies to the Monroe School District's upcoming levy request. Because levies are only one to four years in duration, they cover expenses for the amount of time corresponding to their length of issuance. While expenses continue--whether in individual households or in school districts--funding is issued only for specific periods of time and then expires.

   Do the expenses expire? Of course not, which is why we accept as a matter of course that our employers will issue our paychecks over increments of time as long as we are employed by them. We would hardly expect to have to appeal to them every Friday for payment covering the work we and they both agree we will continue to do.

   Just as an employee cannot arbitrarily demand that their paychecks be for any amount they want, neither can school districts request unlimited levy amounts. A levy can only cover up to about a fourth of their state-allocated budget expenditures, which keeps schools accountable to those who vote for or against their funding.

   I ask my friends and neighbors in Monroe to vote "yes" in the March 14 levy election and to encourage their associates to do so, as well.

Keely Emerine Mix, Monroe