Northwest NEWS

February 28, 2000

Local News

Public hearing set for 144th NE

by Marshall Haley, staff reporter

   WOODINVILLE--Woodinville's City Council will hold a public hearing for a right-of-way petition on Monday, March 13, at 8 p.m. in Council Chambers.

   The City seeks citizen input on the petition which seeks to vacate a stretch of 144th Ave. NE between NE 185th and NE North Woodinville Way (the North Bypass). Currently, 144th is a straight, undeveloped right-of-way, running through the middle of land dedicated to the Woodinview Project for affordable housing, an ARCH project.

   The vacation would open the 144th access to the south side of the North Bypass, to serve the new residents of that community. The 22-acre Woodinview parcel, donated to ARCH by King County, will provide 11 acres for condos and apartments, including units for elderly tenants and families.

   The eastern half of the parcel is a wetland. By vacating the existing right-of-way, the developer, CamWest Development of Kirkland, will curve most of the roadway a few feet west. That will allow building units on both sides of the roadway, without infringing on the wetland buffer zone east of the roadway. Developers plan to enhance and maintain the wetland as a park-like setting for the community.

   "The new road alignment will serve the same function as the existing right-of-way, with no net gain or loss to the public," said Public Works Director Mick Monken in his report to the City Council.

   The land was first proposed as the site for a refuse transfer station, then for a King County jail, both of which met community opposition. The County was going to surplus the land, then someone thought of donating it for ARCH use. By state statute, the petition was filed by more than two-thirds of the adjacent property owners. In this case, only ARCH is currently using the 144th access.

   At the hearing, the Council will either grant or deny the petition, based on criteria listed in the Woodinville Municipal Code (WMC).